New Year in London UK

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When you are thinking about enjoying New Years Eve in London England plan ahead. London hotels get reserved fast and many have parties you can attend. These get booked quickly also, so book a place in advance to be certain you can have fun. Since New Year in 2000 pubs, restaurants bars and nightclubs have been putting on ticket only book ahead events. Making a reservation for your hotels, that West End show or party as far in advance will ensure you will can have confidence. You will have seen them on television, this year comes and see the show of Fireworks on the River Thames for real. Make sure you arrive as early as possible and where some warm clothes. Each year there is the New Years Day parade in London England. Come and see street entertainment, floats and marching bands as you prepare for next year.

Lots of hotels in London hold parties at New Years Eve. These are booked up quickly. Also there are many of corperate celebrations taking place in the run up to christmas and New Years Eve. This means there is limits to places every year. The best way to ensure your friends and you defiantly have a place to crash is to book ahead. Additionally another good reason is, when hotels have few rooms left, the prices go up. The easiest way to find a good deal is to book early with Hotels in London Ltd.

London New Year celebrations see pub landlords and night clubs putting on ticket only events. Even though this has meant a massive fall in the number going out to celebrate (they have done it to themselves really) it does mean booking to go out a long time ahead is recommended and the London Mayor agrees. The wonderful fireworks on the river Thames is always something to behold. Yet there are only a certain amount of space. Traveling to London for the new year and getting about in London is best done using public transport. There will be many available all night buses and tubes put on specially on the night.

Every new year since 2003, London has put on one of the greatest fireworks displays in the world. Staged at the Millennium Wheel and just up and down the River Thames, it has a massive almost 2 million pound budget, according to the Mayor of London’s Office. This fabulous display does get televised world wide thanks to the BBC. But, space to view it is quite limited, So it is a good idea to come here well wrapped up and as early as you can if you wish to view its spectical. Befoe the show music takes place outdoors thanks again to the BBC and the the wheel has illuminations. The full package is suitable for all ages. Grub and beverages will be served from private vendors along the river. Temporary toilet facilities are also to be put up so you don’t get caught shot. In addition there will be a large crowd management plan controlled by the police to ensure the safety of everyone who comes, due to how popular the event is.

A new years day parade in London also is put on for you each year. When you have had a great night out and have a hang over. It is a good choice for another family function to put you in a good frame of mind and let you forget how hard you partied last night. This no cost, good for all ages New Years Day Parade in the centre of London goes on each year and this year is no exception. The Parade begins at 12 Noon on the 1st of January. Where it stop along its route include Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and Parliament Street. Enjoy the company of Pearly queens and kings, stilt walkers and jugglers, marching bands, great costumes and fabulous floats.

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