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Once you decided to travel then you must budget travel. For some people budgeting is a way to get excited about a trip. They use it as the first step in the planning and a way to get themselves psyched up about a destination. Some people are, of course, certifiably insane.

For most of us, though, budgeting for a trip is like going to the dentist after bingeing on sugar for a few months. But budgeting is better than running out of money halfway through a trip and having to make an embarrassed call home to friends or parents. It only takes a few simple steps to save you a whole trip of stressing about cash flow.

Whether you are planning a weekend at the beach, or a year traveling around the world, you will need to budget the amount of money you plan to spend. If you do not plan on spending a certain amount, you might find yourself running out of money quicker than you wanted to. Create a travel budget by planning your expected expenses for transportation, lodging, food, entertainment and other miscellaneous items.

Sorting out finances and deciding on a strict budget is something that many people struggle to do. However, there is a simple and effective way to do it.

This guide is going to subtley build you up to the fact that you’re going to have to get your pen, calculator and brain in gear to do a bit of simple maths. We’re talking money here, everybody’s hated subject. You need your bank balance to be bigger than Everest and fatter than Pavarotti at an ‘All You Can Eat For A Fiver’ contest. Also, you need make sure your cash lasts.

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